Fena Gitu defends controversial picture of her and friend

Chukua Selfie singer Fena Gitu has come out gun blazing defending her friend Jay Take A Pic following a controversial picture.

In the picture shared by Fena herself, the two could be seen having the best day of their life but it was Jay Take a Pic dressing that caught the attention of many.

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Dressed in a matching suit, a social media user questioned his gender having judged from his pose.

Fena pops in to ask why they interested to know and what is the pose to them. She finally dares them to unfollow her if they do not want to see more of them.

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“Why do you people feel the need to ask this? What is it to you? Are you interested? If not, nod and move along. Better yet unfollow if you don’t want to see us on your timeline.”

This is not the first time the two have been questioned before on the kind of their friendship.

In January, the two shared a picture of them enjoying a boat ride as Fena gave Jay a peck as she said “go best friend”

Fans questioned the nature of their friendship posing the question if he was babe or best friend.

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