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Flavored e-cigarettes to be banned in USA

USA President Donald Trump has announced plans to ban use of flavored e-cigarettes in the country.

The ban by Donald Trump follows recent complains of lung illness and a number of deaths following its use.

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In a statement from the White House, President Donald Trump said plans are underway to ban the use of flavored e-cigarettes.

Around four people are reported to have contracted lung cancer from its use as the government embarks on ways to stop more deaths.

Also addressed at the White House was the government’s delay to increase tariffs on Chinese goods as earlier planned.

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This has been termed by Trump led administration as a result of open discussions expected to be held between the two countries.

China and USA have recently been on a trade fight with US imposing tariffs on Chinese goods as the biggest losers are seen at the stock exchange.

On Wednesday the US president was in celebration mode following a ruling in favor of his immigrant law.

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According to a proposal made by the government, Trump called for migrants to first be registered at the first country they enter before making their way into the USA.

The decision follows recent increase in the number of immigrants into the country in search of greener pasture.

In Panama thousands of immigrants from Cameroon through the dangerous forest of Colombia.

Some of the immigrants are said to have died along the way from various reasons including drowning and falling on rocks.

The few that made it through are advising others not to take the same route as they are just lucky to have made it alive.

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