Thursday, May 13, 2021

Form two student caught stealing in Kisumu lynched by mob

An angry mob in Kisumu has on Saturday been lynched a form two student after he was caught stealing a mobile phone from an unsuspecting resident.

The young boy is reported to have been in the company of two other who managed to run away after stealing the mobile phone at around 7 pm.

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An angry mob reacted to the scuffle before catching up with the unidentified student who has a knife hidden between his waist. His face was badly hurt and his leg split into two by the mob.

Police officers were called in and immediately arrived at the scene and carried the lifeless body away.

Mobile theft in Kisumu is on the rise with those involved using motorcycle and stealing from those who operate them while walking.

A manhunt has already began to arrest the other two with one of them being noted as a notorious thief who hosts house parties mostly on weekends.

Residents of Polyview, Kisumu have also reported cases of burglary with the police pointing out to the wanted gang consisting of very young boys involved in the vice.

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