Four arrested in connection to illegal SIM card fraud

Directorate of Criminal Investigations has arrested four suspects in connection to illegal registration of SIM cards.

The four suspects included two females and two males. Approximately 30,000 SiM cards, 240 iPhones, 150 MI phones, 2 laptops, 2 inverters and other electrical appliances were recovered.

The suspects whose names have not yet been disclosed were busted in Kiambu County and expected to appear in court on Thursday.

In what seems to be the largest crime busters, the suspects operated an illegal communication center.

The arrest comes after public outcry of increased SIM card theft that has robbed many Kenyans of their hard earned deposits.

Fraudsters had developed a tendency of calling unsuspecting Kenyans in the name of a network provider staff before asking for vital information like the pin.

They would then use the pin to access your SIM card unknowingly before they withdraw cash from your mobile wallet and bank account linked to your phone.

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To caution Kenyans, Communication Authority of Kenya warned against disclosure of personal information that would lead to sim card swap. Personal information includes mobile pin, bank account pin and national ID number among others.

The CA therefore advised the public to be vigilant and place the below measures:

1. Be cautious not to respond to calls or email asking for their personal information such as bank account pin, mobile money pin and others.

2. Delete any request for financial information or password as any request of such nature is a scam.

3. Fraudsters tend to push someone to act first. In case you are in such a situation, kindly slow down and think. It’s a scam.

4. Do your own research about a company or organization first.

5. Ignore requests for help as organizations or companies do not call people asking for help.

6. Report such cases to the nearest police station for action to be taken.

On the other hand mobile service providers called for their customers to be on the lookout of some of the fraudsters.

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