France strike: Thousand protest against pension plan

The ongoing France strike has paralyzed operations in the country as thousands took to the strike to protest against new pension policies

Pension reforms introduced by President Emmanuel Macron will see people have the option of either retiring late and have reduced payout.

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Currently the pension scheme has different levels depending on the one’s age and it is divided further into the public and private sector.

Since coming into power, President Macron has been blamed for cutting down on taxes and failing to address crucial labor laws.

Police officers, teachers, lawyers and teachers had taken to the streets to participate in the France strike.

450,000 people in total have been confirmed to have participated in the strikes in different cities as police tried to contain the numbers.

87 people are reported to have been arrested as teargas was being used to disperse the protesters.

Transport has been disrupted in major cities with about 90% of the systems coming to a halt.

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