Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Francis Atwoli breaks silence over vandalized road sign

COTU secretary-general Francis Atwoli has broken his silence after a road sign under his name was vandalized on Monday night by unknown people.

It was the second time that the sign was vandalized even after warning those planning to do it again dire consequences.

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“The Nairobi County Government has reinstalled the sign. If you think you came from the moon go try remove it again. Also, a CCTV has been installed for the security of the area.” Said Atwoli.

Following the Monday incident, Atwoli noted that such actions do not harm him but will haunt those behind it questioning whether they sleep at night in the first place.

He continued by revealing that his name is all over the world due to the many selfless years defending the lives of Kenyan workers.

” Bringing down an honorary signage under my name doesn’t hurt me. On the flip side it will haunt for life who are behind it. For how does it benefit them? How do you sleep at night knowing you are a vandal?

My name is all over the world and one doesn’t require street signage for them to know who Francis Atwoli is. The name will live in posterity taking into account my years of selfless service to the workers in Kenya and the world.” said Atwoli

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