Monday, August 8, 2022

French police launch investigation into Tour de France crash

Police in France have launched investigations into a massive crash during the first stage of tour de France that occurred on Saturday.

The incident that was caused by one spectator who held a sign board blocked one Tony Martin and caused a major crash that affected a number of participants.

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Organizers of the event shifted the blame to roadside security as they confirmed none of the participants died from the crash and that was their major concern.

The woman who caused the crash could be seen running away from the scene in shock into what just occurred due to her mistake. One of the cyclist pulled out of the event after the incident.

Doctors rushed to the to treat the participants for minor injuries including bruises and deep cuts before they could resume the race.

Organizers of the event have promised that they will sue the woman and set an example to others planning to spoil the show for others.

They will press charges in regard to unintentional short term injury as she deliberately breached her duty of care.

People turned up in thousands to cheer the cyclists after the government relaxed some of the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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