Monday, August 8, 2022

Fuel shortage hits parts of Western region

Various fuel stations in Western region including Kisumu, Busia and Migori have been hit by fuel shortages.

The fuel shortages have been attributed to high cost to purchase the precious commodity from suppliers in the region.

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According to managers of various petrol stations, oil suppliers have been issuing them a low profit of up to Ksh 0.4 per liter something that has been termed as too low to run business.

Other managers have also confirmed low supply where they are given only one tanker instead of five tankers in addition to the high cost of purchase.

The shortages comes barely a week after the countrywide shortage of the precious commodity was restored after days of tussle between the government and oil marketers.

According to the marketers, the government had delayed to pay them subsidies something that was signed and approved by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Immediately after that, the government accused the marketers of exporting oil when Kenyans needed it the most. The complains led to deportation of Rubis CEO Jean-Christian Bergeron.

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