Fuel shortage persists despite government warning

Fuel shortage in the country continues to bite as many motorists queued in major petrol stations despite government warning to distributors.

The government called on the suppliers to release the precious commodity in what has been termed as hording with the intentions to hike the prices.

Some petrol stations have resorted to restrict motorists from making purchase of more than Ksh 2,000 as confirmed by various media companies.

The effect of the shortage has now trickled down to Kenyans who are forced to pay more for the same services they received at cheaper prices. an example is that of a motorbike ride that could cost Ksh 50 has now been hiked to Ksh 150.

A sections of Legislators have now called on the government to take action against the distributors citing rudeness even after an executive order was released to release fuel.

Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) last week issued a statement confirming having sufficient reserve to supply the country.

““Kenya Pipeline Company would like to confirm that there are ample stocks of petroleum products in our system throughout the country to meet demands” Said KPC

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