Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Fuliza services launched in Tanzania

Vodacom a sister firm to Safaricom has introduced Fuliza services in Tanzania as part of an expansion project of the service.

With the Fuliza services, Vodacom users will be able to pay their bills even when they have insufficient funds on their mobile wallets.

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The Mpesa overdraft facility charges its users an interest rate of one percent per day with a facility fee of 18 days.

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In addition to that, users are allowed one request at a time as long as it is within their overdraft period which also varies depending on their Mpesa score.

Fuliza has so far been successful in Kenya attracting a large pool of users. Safaricom hopes to cash in on the new service in addition to Mpesa’s normal transaction.

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Berryl Achieng
Berryl Achieng
Kenyan news interests me a lot but I also keep tabs on other news making headlines in Africa and around the world.

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