G7 summit to be held at Trump’s golf resort scrapped off

Donald Trump the President of US has shifted his plans of hosting this coming G7 summit at his golf resort in Florida.

The change of plans by President Donald Trump follows complains by Democrats of misuse of office and use of office for personal gain.

Trump termed the accusations as irrational as he begins the process of looking for an alternative place to host the G7 summit to be held from June 10-12.

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Trump National Doral golf resort where the summit was to held should not profit from the event as the law.

The US president is also under investigation on matters of his wealth, businesses and the recent impeachment following his questionable links with Ukraine.

He however said the idea to host it at Trump National Doral was from a right thought but the move was seen taken for corruption.

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Even though the sea has been scrapped, Democrats have vowed to investigate Trump in addition to conflict of interest.

Questions have also been asked as to why other eleven sites were not chosen and how much of taxpayer’s money was to be spent.

A report from the White House suggested that the use of the golf resort will save taxpayer’s money by over 50% even though they did not reveal the origin of the calculations.

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