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Gender-based violence in South Africa on the rise

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Thousands of protesters in South Africa took to the streets of Johannesburg to demonstrate the increasing number of gender-based violence in women.

The protesters headed towards South Africa Stock exchange demanding them to listen to their cries and do something about it.

It is estimated that one woman suffers domestic violence in every four hours in South Africa as explained by some of the activists.

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What angers them more is how security forces are not extending any help to some of the victims even after reporting.

An example was that of one woman is said to have reported thrice to one police station but no action was taken.

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They further explained as to why victims of gender-based violence keep quite with one of the reasons being the culture and religious take on marriage.

The government has been faulted for doing nothing about it even after demanding a declaration of a national disaster.

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Their plight at the moment is the stock exchange to introduce a 2% levy on profits that will be channeled to fund gender-based violence cases in the country.

Cases of rape are also high in the Southern country with women becoming afraid as to who will be the next victim.

Every day new cases of young women being raped and left for dead are on the rise begging the question what is the government doing?

On social media, the hashtag #Iamnext has been trending to shed light on the sad encounter women in the country are going through.

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