Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Ghana increases public sector worker’s allowance to avert strike

The government of Ghana has averted a planned strike by public sector workers by agreeing to increase their allowances by 15%.

Confirming the news was the Ministry of Finance which is fully aware of a planned strike by trade union workers including teachers and health workers over what they termed as high inflation hitting the West African country.

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Taking on Twitter, the Ministry of Finance noted that the increment is expected to ease the cost of living of public sector workers even though inflation has not only hit Ghana but the whole world in general.

“Settlement reached with labour unions is expected to ease conditions for Ghanaian public sector workers, in light of the impact of current global economic headwinds on the Ghanaian economy,” said the Ministry of Finance

The news has therefore ended a planned industrial action with the notice taking effect from July 1st as confirmed by the ministry.

Ghana, the leading producer of cocoa, oil, and gold has been facing economic strains and huge public debt as they work closely with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on how best they get support.

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