Monday, August 15, 2022

Governor goes undercover at Chuka General Hospital

A Governor has over the week gone undercover and visited Chuka General Hospital to understand functions in his county.

Tharaka Nithi Governor Muthomi Njuki is reported to have visited the hospital to get first information how patients are are handled. He however waited for five hours before he was served.

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“Governor Muthomi Njuki visits Chuka General Hospital (undercover) to get first hand information on how patients are handled… Sat on the waiting bench for 5 hours… How are the services in your local government hospital?” Said Kwaela News Network.

The visit by the Governor is among many other efforts leaders have taken to understand residents issues and make adjustments were necessary.

Kenyans have also urged leaders to undertake such measures and understand their plea with others pleased if a similar incident occurs to them or someone close to them.

Government hospitals are notorious for neglecting patients with many of them succumbing to their illness waiting to be served. Doctors and nurses have been faulted for the incidents with some being sent home over negligence.

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Berryl Achieng
Kenyan news interests me a lot but I also keep tabs on other news making headlines in Africa and around the world.

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