Governor Joho speaks on the latest Likoni Ferry tragedy

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has spoken after the Saturday morning Likoni Ferry accident.

Joho called on all Ferry users and management to exercise extreme caution as they join families of the ill-fated vehicle in prayers.

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The Mombasa Governor first breaks the news of the morning accident saying that he has already dispatched a team of multi-agency to ass in recovery operations.

“Early this morning we had another tragic moment at the Likoni ferry channel where a saloon car plunged into the Indian Ocean from the Likoni mainland ramp.

I immediately dispatched a unit from our inspectorate department to join the multi-agency rescue team in the ongoing operation.”

He also noted that such scenarios should not happen when something can be done to avoid them.

“In the meantime, I urge all ferry users and management to exercise extreme caution as we join the families of the occupants in the vehicle in prayer.

We cannot afford to have any more casualties in a similar fashion more so when it can be avoided.”

The Governor was speaking after a salon car plunged into the Indian Ocean as the body of a man has been confirmed to have been retrieved.

Efforts are still underway to ensure the vehicle is retrieved from the ocean.

It is however not clear how many people were inside the saloon car at the time of the accident.

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