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Governor Mike Sonko issues stern warning to CBD buildings owners

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has issued a stern warning to building owners within CBD who will not have complied with the repainting notice issued.

The Nairobi Governor has warned he will have the building shutdown and rendered inaccessible if the 21-day notice elapses.

Governor Mike Sonko was speaking as he was pleased with some building owners who took the notice seriously as issued to them.

“Today, l am happy to see some owners taking the order seriously by repainting their buildings. Once the 21-day notice lapses, all property owners who will not have complied will have their buildings shut down and rendered inaccessible.” Said Hon. Mike Sonko.

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The repainting notice is in line with the Public Health Cap 242 county by-laws that requires building owners to repaint them after every two years.

Mike Sonko issues warning to building owners
A repainted building in Nairobi CBD

In addition to that, they were given a blanket approval to improve their frontages with concrete blocks.

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“Last month, we ordered all property owners within the CBD to have their buildings repainted as per the Public Health Cap 2 42 & County by-laws that requires them to do so after every 2 years. We also gave them a blanket approval to improve all their frontages with concrete blocks.” Said the Nairobi Governor

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