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Governor Mike Sonko leads in demolition of illegal structures

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko today led Nairobi City County Government of Nairobi to demolish illegal structures along Access Road in South C Estate.

Governor Sonko had already given a 14 day notice to all land grabbers in the city to surrender public land and demolish illegal structures built on road reserves.

Failure to comply with the notice would lead to forceful eviction.

The governor promised that his administration will reposes all public land in the city and ensure all projects that had stalled due to grabbing were completed.

“My administration will repossess all grabbed public land in the city and ensure all county projects that had stalled due to land grabbing are completed.

” The demolition led to repossession of a public playground in the area.

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City official have been ordered by the governor to rehabilitate the playground and open it to the children for recreational purposes.

Also in the governors list of demolition are structures built near water reservoirs in South C.

“During my tour in South C I also issued a directive to the Nairobi City County Government Enforcement Department to ensure all illegal structures erected near a water reservoir in the area are demolished.

The South C water reservoir which is capable of holding 5 million cubic meters of water is not operational because private developers have interfered with water pipes that feed the reservoir.”Said Governor Mike Sonko.

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