Governor Mutua’s wife graduates with Masters in Science

Machakos first lady Governor Mutua’s wife was on Friday celebrating her graduation ceremony with husband.

Lillian was among other students graduating with a Master’s of Science Degree in Project Management.

“I am especially happy that the love of my life, LILLIAN, is among the students graduating with a Masters of Science degree in Project Management. She makes me very proud as she graduates top of her class. Way to go Honey.” Said Governor Mutua.

Governor Mutua’s message to Kenyans

It was during the celebrations that the Machakos Governor called upon urgent scientific research by universities on the mind and behavior of Kenyan leaders.

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He went forward to note that as much as Kenya is a great country, graduates and others cannot gain employment or credit as the cost of living has gone up.

Governor Mutua's wife graduates with Masters in Science

Business owners are concerned as corruption has become the anthem of the day as the poor are being taxed.

“It is quite flabbergasting that instead of sitting down to find solutions and engaging in devpt. activities to spur the economy and create jobs, some politicians are engaged in trips around the country on a sycophantic & polarizing agenda that is not solving our youth’s problems.” Said the Machakos Governor.

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