Governor Sonko finds 12 bodies hidden in Pumwani Hospital

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has on Monday morning made an impromptu visit to Pumwani Hospital where he discovered 12 dead bodies stuffed in boxes.

The governor said that he conducted the raid after receiving credible information on the hospital where bodies were ferried from the wards.

The bodies which were of infants were wrapped in polythene bags and stuffed inside three bags as opposed to a mortuary.

One of the boxes contained one body, another one five bodies and the other one five bodies.

Governor Sonko arrived at the hospital in a boda boda and caught the management of the hospital off guard.

He then talked to them and the management confirmed that only one infant had died in the past 24 hours.

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Not satisfied with the answer, the governor ordered one of the boxes to be opened and one body was discovered.

The Governor then ordered another box to be opened and another five bodies were discovered.

The management could not explain as to why the bodies were being hidden boxes. Not satisified with their answers, Hon. Sonko ordered for another box to be opened and six bodies were found.

“Conducting impromptu visit at Pumwani Hospital, where it’s alleged by members of the public that the management shut down the machines at the Maternity Wing leading to loss of lives of young ones.

I want to categorically state that human life must be respected no mater the case. Stern action will be taken against anyone found to be sabotaging the good services offered to our mothers and sisters who come to deliver in this facility” Said Governor Mike Sonko.

He then proceeded to inform senior police officers to look into the matter as it made no sense as to how 12 babies can die in one day.

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