Governor Sonko threatens to publish dead beat fathers

Nairobi Governor Sonko has threatened to publish names of prominent men for neglecting their responsibilities as fathers.

“After receiving numerous complaints from women investigations now reveal that 2 Cabinet Secretaries, 4 Principal Secretaries, 7 Governors, 2 Presidential candidates ( one major front runner), 26MP’s, 9 Senators, 22 MCAs from various counties and 8 prominent businessmen have been implicated in impregnating slay queens and refused to take responsibilities of their babies.”  

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The Nairobi Governor said that he has a dossier of the dead beat fathers including SMS, WhatsApp, photos, audio, and video recording evidence.

“Dossier including evidence (SMS,6 WhatsApp, photos, video, and audio recordings) loading and will soon be published in the newspapers advertiser’s feature and Mike Sonko’s TV on this page.”

Governor Sonko on victims plight

He continued by explaining that most men have a bad habit of doing bad manners with their girlfriends without protection and end up testing positive for HIV.

Such cases are said to end up with the said men sending money to their girlfriend to abort the pregnancy.

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One prominent presidential candidate, two Members of Parliament, two Governors and a businessman are reported to have done these more than three times with different ladies.

“One prominent Presidential, 2 MPs, 2 Governors, and a prominent businessman have done this more than 3 times with different girlfriends”

Some are reported to have gone ahead to send death threats in fear of being exposed by the girlfriends as exposed by Governor Sonko.

Sonko finalizes by saying that he is in the final stages of hiring advocates for all the affected victims so that the court can compel the accused to take a DNA test.

“We are in the final process of hiring advocates for all the affected victims so that those implicated can be compelled by the courts to take DNA tests.” Said Sonko

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