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Grandmother 60 yrs reunited with kidnaped grandson in Nyali

Police in Mombasa have managed to reunite a 60-year-old grandmother with her grandson kidnapped in Nyali, Mombasa.

The grandson is reported to have gone missing on December 22nd before Nyevu Luwali reported the matter at Nyali Police Station opening investigation into the kidnapping.

“Nyevu luwali a 60-year-old woman and resident of Nyali, couldn’t hide her tears of joy when she was finally reunited with her grandson, who had been kidnapped on December 22, last year.

Luwali had filled a missing child report at DCI offices in Nyali, indicating that her 6-year-old grandson had gone missing as he played with his friends.” Said DCI

The investigation saw the arrest of one Cidi Kindo Kiboto who had been hired to stay with the boy at Jomvu, Mombasa. She is currently under custody pending further investigation leading to the arrest of the mastermind behind the syndicate.

“Detectives immediately launched investigations into the child’s disappearance and have been on the trail of one Cidi Kondo Kiboto, who had been hired to stay with the kidnapped grade PP2 pupil.

Yesterday morning at around 11am, our sleuths caught up with Cidi in Njomvu Mombasa and whisked her to Nyali Police Station where she has been placed in Police custody, awaiting arraignment.

Detectives are following crucial leads to the whereabouts of the kidnapping mastermind, who escaped our dragnet by a whisker. It is suspected that he operates an underworld child racketeering syndicate.” Said DCI


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