Hamza, son of Osama bin Laden is dead

Hamza the son of al-Qaeda founder Osama Bin-Laden has been killed in the latest reports from international officials.

Hamza who had a bounty of 1 million dollars on his head was only 30 years of age with his whereabouts not known to many.

Reports also indicate that he was under house arrest in Iran before meeting his death following his numerous threats and calling for the bombing of the US and other countries following the death of his father.

Fear had grown over Hamza as he was said to be undergoing training so as to take over his late father’s position in the militia group.

A video surfaced some time back of him wedding the daughter of another senior al-Qaeda by the name Abu Muhammed, the man involved in the 1998 bombings of Kenya and Tanzania.

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In March, Saudi Arabia stripped Hamza his citizenship prompting him to call a revolution against the country.

His father Osama Bin-Laden died in 2011 following a successful drive by the US Special Forces in Pakistan during the reign of then President Barack Obama.

Together with his father, Hamza is said to have been behind the 9/11 attacks.

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