Thursday, October 6, 2022

High Court dismisses CJ Koome’s gag orders against advocates

The High Court has lifted gag orders issued by Chief Justice (CJ) Martha Koome blocking advocates from discussing presidential election petitions before the Supreme Court.

Passing the ruling was Justice Mugure Thande who noted that presidential election petitions before the Supreme Court are unconstitutional as they have not been approved by the parliament in the first place.

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The ruling follows the CJ’s amendment of rules regarding presidential election petitions blocking advocates, litigants, and agents from discussing the possible outcome when it is before the Supreme Court for hearing.

“Upon commencement of the hearing of the petition by the court, litigants, their advocates, and advocates’ agents shall refrain from expressing their opinion on merit, demerit, or predict the outcome of the petition in any manner that would prejudice or impede court proceedings, until judgment is delivered,”  declared CJ Koome

Those found guilty of the offense would be punishable as it constitutes contempt of court.

Welcoming the news was former Law Society of Kenya (LSK) president Nelson Havi who termed the orders timely.

“The attempt to gag Ahmednasir Abdullahi and Nelson Havi from publicly examining and commenting on proceedings before the Supreme Court has been timely thwarted by the High Court.” Said Nelson Havi

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