High Court sentences Wanyama and Mahaga to 15 years

Nairobi High Court has on Friday sentenced rugby players Frank Wanyama and Alex Mahaga to 15 years in prison.

The two rugby players were accused of raping a female musician in 2018 at Nairobi during a party.

Last week the two saw their sentencing delayed and rescheduled for Friday, August 16th.

February last year the musician took to social media to explain the events of the fateful day as she attended a birthday.

She was quoted saying that she was drugged during the ordeal and could not fight two players who do professional rugby.

Explaining as to why she did not report the incident, she said that she was afraid due to denial, shock and the profile of one of the players.

The players, however, accused the lady of planning to extort money from them and that the affair was consensual.

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Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku felt convinced by the accused story as the defense team pleaded for a non-custodial sentence.

The defense team further pointed out how the two are prolific players and that they have served the country well in their capacity.

Prosecution team however requested for a minimum of 15 years in prison so as to send a message to the youth that it is not cool to take advantage of the opposite sex.

Previously both players had been discontinued from their studies in a bid to settle the court case ahead of them.

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