Hippopotamus found dead at river Chania

A hippopotamus has been found dead at river Chania where it is suspected to have died from water pollution coming from the nearby Nanasi garage.

The huge hippopotamus was later turned into a meat festival as youths could be seen fighting to get a share of his meat.

“Some young men seen slaughtering a hippopotamus that died in what is suspected to be water pollution from dangerous chemicals released into Chania River near Nanasi garage. Also affected are fish with many dead ones in the same area.” Said Thika Town

It is due to the cause of death that something had to done to avoid loss of lives after the consumption of its meat.

A team of KWS and NEEMA personnel arrived at the scene burning the remains of the animal.

It was also confirmed that the hippo died from the water pollution in the river Chania coming from nearby companies and sewers.

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“A team from KWS, NEMA and county environmental department have burned the carcass of the hippo that had died inside Chania River due to water pollution. Waste effluent from nearby companies and raw sewer from some residential houses can be seen flowing into the river.” Said Thika Town

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