Thursday, May 13, 2021

Homeboyz Radio slapped Ksh 1M penalty and 6 month suspension

The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) has slapped Homeboyz Radio Ksh 1M penalty over violation of programming requirements.

In a statement issued by the authority, the radio station violated provision of the law and programming code in respect to the requirement for broadcasters to air decent and family oriented programming during the watershed period.

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Extensive review of the matter by the authority revealed that the station had;

  1. Discussed sexual matters in an explicit and offensive matter and glorified sexual violence against women contrary to legal requirement for broadcasters.
  2. Violating programming code of conduct that requires broadcasters to uphold the value and customs of civilized society.
  3. Exposed a victim of gender based violence to ridicule and implied that it was the victims fault that she was target and assaulted.
  4. Breached requirement that persons affected by tragedy are treated with sensitivity, respect and discretion.
  5. Contravened obligation not to air material which is abusive or derogatory to individuals, persons or communities.

It is in that effect that the authority has penalized the radio station a total of Ksh 1 million, suspended the show for six months, directed all staff of the station to undergo training on gender based issues and the staff to undergo training of programming code by the authority.

Homeboyz Radio will also ensure that their editorial police is aligned with the law regarding gender, and their presenters are accredited by the Media Council of Kenya and the files forwarded to the authority.

The station has already sent home the three presenter after two weeks of suspension issued to them. They also apologized over the comments and promised to provide regular training to their staff.

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