Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Hong Kong Elections: Millions turn out to vote

Millions of people made it out to the ballot box during the Sunday’s Hong Kong elections.

The elections are meant to be a litmus paper for Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive after months of violence in the country.

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About 2.6 million voters had turned out by 7:30 am and the number was expected to rise as the day goes by.

The number represents a more than 63% increase from the last district election conducted in 2015 which had a turnout of 1.47 million voters.

Speaking during the ballot, Lam expressed hope that the level of peace seen will continue even after the elections end.

She continued by promising to listen to every advice by the district council at the end of the elections.

Protest sparked in Hong Kong when an extradition bill allowed citizens to be prosecuted at the mainland of China.

The bill which has now been withdrawn saw millions of protesters take to the street to express their dissatisfaction and call for a better Hong Kong.

Government services and schools were disrupted as police engaged protesters in a cat and mouse chase.

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