Monday, January 27, 2020
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Hong Kong police caught on camera shooting protester

Hong Kong police took a new path of handling protesters in the region as they fired live ammunition on Monday.

In video footage doing rounds on social media, a police officer could be seen pointing a gun to a protester before shooting from close range.

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They then gathered around the injured who was already bleeding from the gunshot he sustained.

Reports from Hong Kong media stations report that the police have using live ammunitions from some time now to deal with the protests.

A hospital is also said to have confirmed receiving an injured person who was undergoing an operation to remove a bullet lodged in his body.

The injured is reported to be in a critical situation as many other cases are still going in the city.

A woman is also reported to have been paper sprayed by the officers who were being thrown crates at as the demonstrations hit the sixth month.

A warning has already been issued to the protesters who set up barricades to slow down the officers who termed it an illegal act.

In August live ammunition was used as a warning sign to the demonstrators as they shot two people who are reported to have survived.

China is reported to have denied any involvement and instead has blamed western countries for fueling the protests.

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