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How to deal with coronavirus and frequently asked questions

Below is a complete guide on how to deal with coronavirus and seeks to answer the most frequently asked questions about the virus.

What is coronavirus?

This is a group of viruses that come together causing sickness among people who come into contact with the infected.

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It originated from Wuhan, China and is different from its previous types including Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MARS).

COVID-19 is the new strain of the virus which majorly attacks the respiratory system rising the body temperature and cause pneumonia.

What are the signs and symptoms of COVID-19

Besides attacking the respiratory system, COVID-19 displays flue like symptoms only that one does not have a running nose like the symptoms of a normal cold.

Other symptoms of the virus include the shortness of breath, high fevers, difficulty in breathing and a dry cough.

How first can one die when infected

Having the virus does not mean one will definitely die as it attacks in mild forms and the death rate is below 3%.

Early treatment of the virus will bring down all symptoms and get better very soon and go about your daily work.

The danger however remains with the old people as their immune systems are very low and prone to attacks.

What is the origin of the coronavirus

The virus first originated from Wuhan, China following the illegal trade of wild animals for consumption use.

It is however not known if indeed the wild bats and other animals really case the virus.

Are products from China infected with the virus

The knowledge about the virus indicates that it cannot survive for long once on a surface thus proving they are safe to use.

As a country the government should make sure the products are safe to use including clothes.

Treatment of coronavirus

How to deal with coronavirus
Medical officers checking a person in India/Twitter

At the moment there are no specific drugs or injections to treat the virus.

Just like any other virus, one will be treated the other diseases that come with the COVID-19.

That means, you will have to get your get your temperature down under the advise of a medical practitioner.

How to get tested for cornavirus

Governments have designated points to check and control the spread of the virus through machines run through a person.

Individuals can however visit the nearest hospital and get tested to be sure if they have the virus or not.

Several test will be conducted to determine and be sure what exactly you may be suffering from.

What to do when you discover you have the virus

Do not panic when you discover you have contracted the virus but instead call your doctor and explain to him.

It is advisable to self isolate yourself for 14 days but a doctor may advise to call you in for further tests.

Saples from your saliva and nose may be taken in for testing or samples from you urine to establish what exactly your are suffering from.

How to prevent the spread of coronavirus

If you have not contracted the virus, there are several ways of preventing the spread of the virus which inlcude;

  • Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and use sanitizer gels
  • Avoid handshakes and its advisable to use gestures.
  • Stay at home if you feel you have the symptoms or a common cold.
  • Avoid touching you face, mouth and nose.
  • Cover your face when sneezing
  • Cover your face with a surgical mask when moving around.

What to do when you cannot avoid someone

In circumstances when you cannot avoid someone, its advisable not to come into contact with some when you think you have the virus or not.

This means that one should avoid coming into contact with one’s fluids that may cause th spread of the virus.

What type of mask should I wear

The recommended type of mask one should wear is the surgical mask or one known as N95 which mostly used in hospitals.

This types of masks have the ability to filter respiratory infections including tuberculosis.

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