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How to file KRA returns in itax in 2020

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Filling returns in Kenya has been made easy thanks to the online itax platform by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Before one files their returns, there are some requirements one must ensure you have before you login into the platform.The items are;

  • KRA details of your employer that is their pin number
  • One should have a duly filled P9 form that is usually sent by your employer
  • Bank details and any other deductions including mortgage and insurance

How to file KRA returns in Kenya

To access the itax platform go to https://itax.kra.go.ke/KRA-Portal/login.htm

  1. Fill in your pin number and click next

2. Insert you password, fill in the correct arithmetic answer and login

Once logged in go to the return tab and down to the ITR for Employment income only.

Fill in the tax period that is 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019, click yes next to the question Do you have employment income? Then click on continue.

3. Fill the necessary information under the basic information tab and click next

4. In section F,key in the pin number of your employer and your gross pay as the P9 form sent by your employer and click next

5. Under Section M, select your employers pin from the drop down and fill the correct Taxable Salary PAYE details and Tax Payable of Taxable salary.

6. Go to section T and confirm the details captured are consistent to what you filled in the previous sections. Fill your Pension contribution as per the total in the P9 same to Personal relief indicated in the P9 form.

Finally submit the information and you are done.Below is a video to guide you better

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