Huawei banned from UK 5G network by end of 2027

The United Kingdom (U.K) has banned Huawei from its 5G network by the end of 2027 marking a landmark end of the telecom giant rule.

In a decision announced by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the move will however cost the players in the market to spending billions in order to do away with Huawei equipment.

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Sometime back, the Prime Minister had issued the operators a specified role in the 5G network a decision that was questioned by the US.

This follows claims of the telecom giants being associated with cyber threats and funding of war torn volatile countries.

Boris Johnson who chaired Britain Nations Security Council announced plans to do away with Huawei 5G components in a years time and its entire equipment by the end of 2027.

A law is also underway that will make the ruling irreversible and see the Chinese firm from exit the market totally.

The move has been termed a good one in terms of the economy and security of the U.K and Hong Kong at large.

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