Huddah Monroe,No more sex for me in 2019

Huddah Monroe has on Saturday made it clear that this year she will not be having sex in solidarity with other women being cheated on.

In a short video posted by Huddah Monroe herself, the boss chick says that she met a lady named Caro who has a boyfriend called Michael.

Caro has discovered that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with multiple women something that angered Huddah Monroe herself.

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In solidarity with what other ladies like Caro go through Huddah says that enough is enough and men should be denied sex until they start acting right.

“Maze nime kasirika aje 6 women hiyo ni uchawi si kichinjio. Madame TUFUNGE DUKA! Hawa maboys itabidi wamejisort na masamantha na ma mafuta mpaka ile siku they’ll act right.” Said Huddah Monroe.
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