Hungary boat accident kills seven South Koreans

At least seven South Korean tourists are feared dead as 21 others are reported missing when a boat sunk on the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary.

At the time of the accident, thirty South Koreans and three tour guides when on the boat as well as two Hungarians.

The Wednesday accident has so far seen seven people being rescued as search operations begin in the swollen river.

The boat involved in the accident has been identified the Hableany or Mermaid which had two decks and a capacity of 45 people.

A footage obtained before the accident show the boat collide with a larger vessel with other reports saying it was hit from behind.

Police in Hungary have however not confirmed any reports saying that investigations are underway to identify the real course.

A police spokesman was quoted saying that the boat capsized almost immediately after the accident.

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South Korea foreign minister confirmed seven of its citizens have died while 19 others are still missing. Hungarian officials on the other hand say 21 people are still unaccounted for.

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