Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Husband stabs to death wife’s lover in Nakuru


Police in Nakuru have arrested a man accused of stabbing to death another man believed to be his wife’s lover.

The night incident is reported to have occurred when the 39-year-old man found the man with his wife at their home before chaos erupted.

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Micah Nyaberi Bogomba is reported to have attacked Boniface Njagi Maina who was trying to explain their relationship. Maina pleaded to have his belongings back but he was stabbed in the neck meeting his death on the spot.

Neighbours thronged the scene responding to the commotion only to find the dead body and blood on the walls which were photographed as evidence to be used in court.

Both Micah Nyaberi Bogomba and his wife Vivian Mboga were arrested and in custody pending completion of investigation.

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