“I grew up thinking we are rich, we’d never beg- Michelle Serut

Michelle Serut, a daughter to former Mount Elgon lawmaker has stated that she grew up thinking that her parents were rich.

Her statement comes after her father was diagnosed with cancer and the family is overburdened by the medical bill and ended up calling for Kenyans online to fundraise to help them cut down the huge medical bill of over Ksh6 million.

“I never imagined we’d one day be in a situation where we are seeking financial aid,” she stated.

It has not been easier for her to convince Kenyans who felt placid, driven by the perception that lawmakers amass a lot of wealth during their terms in office. Michelle asserted that she had heard families overwhelmed by medical bills but she had never experienced such a reality.

“I heard people saying many families in Kenya are one disease away from poverty. I am not saying we, the Seruts, are poor, but I’ve come to understand what that phrase exactly means,” Michelle stated during an interview with a local daily.

She further confessed that the family was overstretched financially and now she can tell how medical care is expensive in Kenya. She even pointed out that the sector is too substandard as her father was once misdiagnosed with Anaemia after visiting a local hospital.

It is after visiting a specialist at Kenyatta National Hospital when they knew that it was not Anaemia but bone marrow cancer. Serut would later be diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in January 2020 and has been in and out of the hospital. Multiple Myeloma is a cancer that affects blood cells and influences the functions of crucial body organs such as the liver and kidneys.

Serut is the immediate former lawmaker of Mount Elgon Constituency after failing to retain his seat in 2017 General Elections after losing to Fred Kapondi. He had served for two terms.

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