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I used to borrow a car for video shoots,Says Size 8

When celebrities are busy sharing their 10 years challenge photos, Size decided to show how she came from borrowing a car to owning one.

Sharing a photo from his old song Vidonge, Size 8 is seen dressed in white in front of collection of cars which she says was shot at a showroom.

In another separate photo posing in front of a brand new Jaguar, Size 8 testifies of how rewarding at is to be living inside God. From shooting inside a showroom, to owning the same Jaguar years later.

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“10 years challenge is a great testimony yeeeeeeepppppyyyy size 8 Kwa video ya dunia the song ni vidonge in white. The video was shot in a car show room the cars are the new jaguar brand 2012.

fast forward 2017 now size 8 reborn again with Christ Jesus in the Land rover/ Jaguar showroom in white clothes getting the same brand Jaguar car brand new now as my own Hallelujah!!!!! IN the world I could only borrow the car for video shoots but now in Jesus Christ the car is mine.

Wewe ukoka ujione…….to God be the glory.” Said Size 8

Slavian Mwangecho
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