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I was a victim of Moi’s rule but we forgave each other, Raila

ODM leader Raila Odinga addressed the crowd at Nyayo Stadium saying that he was indeed a victim of Moi’s rule.

He continued by saying how human Moi was and that he had weaknesses but they forgave each other during the famous handshake at his Kabarak home.

“Moi and I shared a strong belief in forgiveness. I was a victim of his rule but we forgave each other, shook hands and agreed to work together for Kenya.

I was humbled to join Kenyans and people from across the world in paying tribute to him today. May He Rest In Eternal Peace.” Said Raila Odinga

The issue of Building Bridges was not left behind as the former Prime Minister said through it the country will move forward.

Those who attended cheered on to confirm how pleased they were that he had buried old hatchets with the late Mzee Moi.

Raila Odinga was among several other leaders who arrested in the 1990’s under the leadership of Daniel Moi.

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