Thursday, October 6, 2022

I will not respond to pettiness, Justine Wamae hits back at Wajackoyah

Roots party Deputy Presidential candidate Justina Wamae has hit back at his boss Prof. George Wajackoyah after she was summoned for a disciplinary hearing by the party.

Wamae who is accused of double standards is reported to have issued contradicting statements during different interviews proving a lack of knowledge of the party’s manifesto.

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She is also quoted confirming the endorsement of Azimio Presidential candidate Raila Odinga by Prof. George Wajackoyah, a statement that the Roots party boss did not confirm in person throughout the campaign process.

Wamae admitted the inability of the party to deploy enough agents to monitor the election process thus affecting the outcome and establishing grounds not enough to challenge the outcome of the elections.

Her allegations saw the party summon her for a committee hearing which has snubbed saying she cannot be part of petiness.

She continued by calling on her boss to withdraw her accommodation and transport as she will soldier on.

“I will not respond to pettiness. But on the non-existent accommodation and car, you imagined you ‘assisted’ me with you can withdraw in your DREAMS. It is your party to do what you deem fit, I will soldier on.” Said Justina Wamae

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Berryl Achieng
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