Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Idris Sultan in trouble over face swap image of Magufulu

Tanzanian celeb Idris Sultan has been freed after sharing face swapped images of himself and President John Magufuli.

Idris Sultan had been arrested for violating cybercrimes law of impersonation which also includes spreading false information.

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On Wednesday he was summoned at a local police station at the capital Dar-es-Salaam before he was released.

He is however expected back at the same station on Friday for further questioning as reported by one police officer.

The one time Big Brother Africa winner is among several media personalities who have fallen victims to the crackdown by the Tanzanian government.

Several radio stations are reported to have been shut down in what has been termed as a violation of free speech in the country.

Celebrities are also prohibited from sharing obscene images. Wema Sepetu and Diamond are among those who have faced the whip in the past.

Journalists have also been arrested over allegations of spreading false information against President John Magufulu.


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