Thursday, May 13, 2021

Indonesia navy locates items from lost submarine

Indonesia navy has located some items from the lost submarine raising fears of finding no survivors from the vessel that has 53 people on board.

Before Saturday, authorities had declared the submarine just missing with reports indicating that it could stay underwater with sufficient oxygen for upto three days.

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The lost submarine KRI Nanggala 402 was last seen on Wednesday and disappeared in the island of Bali with the items recovered consisting of a grease bottle and prayer rugs believed to belong to those trapped inside.

Authorities have now declared the marine as a sunk vessel calling on immediate action by the government to retrieve it and the bodies of those trapped at the time of the incident.

The U.S has already sent a plane that will be leading the operation together with 20 ships from Indonesia, equipped warship from Australia and four aircrafts from Indonesia.

Singapore is also expected to join in the search and rescue mission with Malaysia sending its vessel that will be in Indonesia come Sunday as confirmed by the head of the military.

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