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Iran fuel tanker released by Gibraltor government

An Iran fuel tanker that had been detained by Gibraltar has since been released and is said to heading to Greece.

The Iran fuel tanker was held in July following suspicions that it was transporting oil to Syria.

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The United States had on Friday sent their request to have the tanker to be seized but the orders were sent too late as the ship had already been released.

In addition to that, orders issued by the US against Iran are said to have to case in the EU. The ship had also changed its name from Grace 1 to Adrian Darya 1.

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In July, a British ship is said to have been seized in Iran with speculation being that it will be released once the tanker was released too.

Speaking on the matter Iranian foreign minister said the two ships had no connection whatsoever.

The United States has since issued a warning threatening to have the ship seized as Gibraltar failed to comply with the order.

Iran replied to the threats saying the US should not attempt to seize the ship in international waters.

Onboard, the ship was 29 crew members who were both detained following the seizure on July 4th by the government of Gibraltar.

The ship was found to have EU sanctions on Syria sparking a diplomatic war between UK and Iran which saw Iran seize a British ship.

Iran assured Gibraltar that it will not have the cardo on transit delivered to Syria thus its release.

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