Iraq parliament to expel U.S troops, Trump threatens

Iraq parliament has ordered the repatriation of the U.S army and allied countries following the death of Iran Commander Qassem Soleimani.

The sentiments by the Iraq parliament have seen the U.S president Donald Trump’s threaten of major sanctions if such decisions are made.

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Iran, on the other hand, has hinted on taking back its commitment to nuclear deals made in the past.

A top government minister of Iran was quoted referring to President Donald Trump as a terrorist in a suit.

Trump promised to hit back at 52 important sites in Iran including major cultural sites if any American soldier is hurt in the process.

Confirming the threats, Trump asked why it is okay for the country to bomb, torture and kill Americans where they have no right to touch their cultural sites?

The U.S who have established an expensive airbase in Iraq, they have been threatened to pay Washington for the cost used to establish.

Critics allied to the Democrats have however described Trump’s sanctions as reckless that would lead to war.

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