Monday, August 15, 2022

Israel first country to close its border over omicron variant

Israel has become the first country in the world to close its borders following the discovery of omicron variant.

The new COVID-19 variant has caused panic among many countries who have stepped up measures to curb its spread.

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This follows a statement by World Health Organization (WHO) who confirmed the virus as a variant of concern and whose impact my include re-infection if not properly managed.

Several countries including Australia, UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Hong Kong have already confirmed their first cases of the virus as they rush against time to stem its spread.

The virus which was first detected in Botswana was also discovered in South Africa following doctor Angelique Coetzee’s revelation on unusual but mild symptoms that include fatigue and high pulse rate.

Concerns have raised over the health of elderly people who may greatly be affected by high pulse rate.

African countries have been criticized by fellow country people who have called on government to prioritize domestic tourism and avoid over-reliance on foreigners to curb such discoveries.

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