Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Itumbi ordered to pay Ksh 20k monthly in child upkeep

Dennis Itumbi, the Secretary Digital Innovations, and Diaspora Communication has been ordered by a court to pay for child upkeep.

The orders by the court follow a successful application made by a woman who claimed to be her baby mama.

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Initially, Itumbi demanded to have a DNA to prove paternity with the results coming out positive.

Passing the judgment, the court issued an interim order that Dennis should pay Ksh 20,000 as a final judgment is set to be announced.

The judge also called for an out of court settlement between the two parties.

A report by the Daily Nation says that the woman is demanding Ksh 50,000 monthly in upkeep, school fees when she starts school and a medical cover.

Taking on social media, Itumbi admitted responsibility saying that the child is his.

“The child is mine. May the child suckle with both cheeks. DNA is #SystemYaFacts. System Ya Facts has a new automatic member.”

Berryl Achieng
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