Thursday, August 18, 2022

Jacob Zuma, former South Africa president in court over fraud

Former South Africa President Jacob Zuma has on Tuesday appeared before a court in South Africa over a number of charges including money laundering, fraud and corruption.

The trial against the former president has dragged for sometime now following reports that he has been involved in a 2 billion US dollar arms deal in 1999 when he was a Deputy President with a French based company known as Thales.

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In March 2018, Jacob Zuma woes began immediately after he was kicked out of the South African ruling party ANC following graft allegations.

He has constantly denied the allegations blaming his political enemies for the current charges leveled against him.

At the trial on Tuesday, it was a just an appearance to set a date when the trial will begin as the former leader tries his level best to stop the proceedings.

Zuma is accused of receiving 34,000 US dollars from Thales annually in order to protect them from being investigated.

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