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Jacque Maribe’s mental test results are out

Tv personality Jacque Maribe was last week ordered to undergo a mental test before before she could stand for trial and the results are out.

Jacque Maribe has been declared fit for the trial that is scheduled for Monday.

The two lovers have been accused for the murder of Monica Kimani in September in her Kilamani house.

 Maribe on the other hand has been accused of being an accessory in the murder as she is believed to have known about it but did not report the matter to the police.

In a CCTV footage, Joseph Irungu was seen using Maribe’s car during the same day before going to pick Maribe in a night club before the two left to their Langata home.

In a twist of events, Jacque Maribe who had initially said that her fiancé was shot by thugs who were trailing them on the fateful day, she later amended her statement saying that Jowie tried to commit suicide after she tried to end things.

The DPP has also ordered for the prosecution of the two suspects saying that they have enough evidence to prosecute the two.

Yesterday Brian Kassaine who is also Jacque Maribe’s neighbor was released on condition that he reports to the DCI every Thursday without fail.

He was also ordered to surrender his gun in the next 48 hours lack of which could lead to his arrest.

Brian Kassaine was involved in the case after his gun was used by Joseph Irungu to shot himself on the fateful day.

In his statement Brian said that he gave Jowie his gun for training and had no bullets at the moment.

He continued and said that Jowie used the same game to try to take away his life.

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