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Jalang’o wife, comedian holds a low key traditional wedding

Jalang’o wife Amina Chao was the luckiest woman on Saturday when she tied the note in a private traditional wedding.

The wedding which was attended by friends and family of Jalang’o including fellow presenter Alex Mwakideu.

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Others in attendance were Big Ted, Chris Kirwa, Robert Burale and Tom Japanni.

Akothe congratulated the radio presenter saying ” He who finds a wife , finds a good thing, behind every successful man there was a wonderful woman treasure her bro, I am very happy for you , now we only have one assignment.”

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Little is known about Jalang’o wife Amina Chao except that they have been in low key relationship for the last four years.

Reports reaching NewsMoto is that she works for Safaricom in the events department and has close to zero social media presence.

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The beautiful Taita girl has been lighting up the life of the comedian who has a daughter with his ex.

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Finances are said to have caused of their break up that landed Jalas in child support issues.

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