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Japan knife attack kills a child and two others

Three people are reported dead following a knife stabbing incident in Kawasaki near Tokyo in Japan.

At least 18 others are said to have sustained injuries when a knife-wielding man is said to have attacked a group of school children waiting for a bus in Japan.

The suspect, 50- year old man, later on, stabbed himself in the neck before he was pronounced upon reaching the hospital.

The suspect held knives on both his hands as he stabbed the children who waited to board a bus near a local and a train station.

Upon stabbing the students on the roadside, the suspect had not been identified as at now boarded a bus full of other school children stabbing them too.

Police arrived at the scene to apprehend him but he later died due to the injuries he sustained himself.

A tent was then erected to treat the injured as locals started placing flowers outside the site in tribute to the victims.

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Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe condemned the attack saying that he felt strong anger against it.

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