John Bolton, national security advisor fired by Trump

President Donald Trump of US has fired National Security advisor John Bolton over disagreements.

The two are said to have never been on the same page from the beginning of their work relationship at the White House.

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John Bolton has however said that he tendered his resignation which Trump called for a talk the next morning.

On the other hand, Donald Trump said that he informed Bolton that he was no longer needed at the White House as they agreed on many of his suggestions.

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Bolton becomes the third most prominent official to leave the Trump administration at a time when there are several pressing foreign policies.

Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State is also said to have disagreed with Bolton over his suggestion around the White House.

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He is well known for his hard stunts that are said to have led to the cancellation of a planned meeting between the US and Afghanistan.

Other tough measures Bolton is said to have been championing include the Iran talks and that of North Korea of nuclear.

John who worked under the George W Bush administration, I swell known for championing the Iraq war.

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Trump was also questioned over his choice of choosing him under his administration even though he once termed him as a warmonger.

All eyes are on President Donald Trump on his next choice and the kind of decisions he will deliver in the absence of Bolton.

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