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Johnson & Johnson forced to pause COVID-19 clinical trials

Johnson & Johnson has been forced to pause clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine over what they term as unexplained illness.

In a statement issued by the company, they noted that the trials are under examination and that illnesses are usually expected in such circumstances expecially when it involves a large group of people.

They however did not reveal the exact type of illness but they noted that such circumstances are usually evaluated to know if they are from the vaccine itself or as a result of other factors.

Johnson & Johnson revealed how impossible it to release the identity of the participants due to privacy regulations.

Upon review, the researchers will convene a sitting to establish whether they will restart the trials again or any other cause of action as deemed fit by the team of physicians.

The results have been described as the exact reasons why it is impossible for scientists to meet political guidelines for a vaccine in the market.

Oxford University have also faced the same hurdle in their clinical trials with the researchers expanding their human trials in the most affected countries of Brazil and South Africa.


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